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Sterling, CO


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We're looking for a home for this sweet, quiet, affectionate, and healthy 5 pound little girl who is retiring. She has been home bred, born, and raised. Pet only. I want to add that we do have a questionnaire of sorts. We're not concerned about your income, but we are concerned with how you will treat our beloved Mi-Ki. By answering our questions, we feel we have a written promise that the Mi-Ki will be well cared for both emotionally and physically. We've had two interested parties who dropped off the map when they received our questions. In an attempt to prepare another potential home, we have decided to list our questions here: Name, address, home phone, and work phone (We need this info for the health certificate.): Preferred E-mail address (Please check for accuracy): How soon do you want your new Mi-Ki? What do you expect from your Mi-Ki? What do you expect to do for your Mi-Ki? Do you have any children living at home? If yes, what are their ages? All of our Mi-Kis are accustomed to children, however, the "teacup" babies are best with adults/older kids. Tell us a bit about your past and current pets: Name, address, and phone number of your vet? Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder, given a pet away, or taken a pet to a shelter? If so, please explain the circumstances: Have you ever owned a Mi-Ki? Who will be the primary caregiver? Will someone be available to feed and exercise your Mi-Ki during the day? How much time per day/night will your Mi-Ki be alone? Where will your Mi-Ki spend his/her days? Where will your Mi-Ki spend his/her nights? How much time will your Mi-Ki spend outside? How will your Mi-Ki be confined while outside? Do you want to breed and/or enter your Mi-Ki in competition?

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