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Barnhart Farms

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Orange, CA


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We have Puppies!!!! This little cutie is more delicate and timid than the other puppies at this time. We are a family breeder, and we work hard to make sure our Puppies are affectionate, well socialized and love being around people. We love the puppies very, very, very much!!! We take our Puppies for road trips to ensure they learn the wonders of life around the community. The Puppies are potty trained to hold their potty over nights till morning. These Puppies will change your life by bringing you a ton of love and affection and companionship. The puppies are very smart!! Cavaliers are not a widely known breed, due to the fact that there is a limited number of breeders and breeding programs in the U.S, however if you?ve owned a Cavalier before or know a family who has a Cavalier you will understand how loyal and how much people love to talk about their Cavs. These puppies will literally change your life in ways you can?t imagine if you?ve never had the joy of having such a cutie. The puppies will probably get to be about 12 to 15 pounds. The Cavaliers are what we have researched and consider the best companion and America?s favorite out of all of the breeds. Cavaliers stay cleaner and they have a shine in their coats that dirt just doesn't seem to stick to. They do require some grooming, but when you walk thru a dirty or grassy field and they come out shining clean you know they've got an awesome coat. Cavaliers need to receive a significant amount of companionship and attention. They will literally wait for your arrival home and it will be the biggest event in their day. Cavaliers must have lots of companionship. Cavaliers are very smart and this requires puppy proofing your current residence so that anything that can harm the puppy must be removed from their accessibility. All owners are talked thru the basics of what to do in their specific home to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their puppy. It would be a shame for an emergency vet exam due to neglect to care for the puppy's environment. Our Cavaliers are some of the best that are available to purchase as we breed for agility, beauty, intelligence and people loving personality, owners always say that people haven't lived until they've owned a Cavalier. People are always asking us about our ?puppies? and they?re surprised to find out that the puppies that we take for walks and to different places are our adult dogs that are several years old, it is just amazing to think that you can have a Cavalier dog and other people see their spunk and zeal and think they are puppies, they are a real joy and we do consider our companions to be puppies forever?. Our puppies are available for AKC registration add $400 for limited registration and $800 for full AKC registration!

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