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Biltmore Biewers

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Phoenix, AZ


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Biltmore Biewers Posh Trophy "Brophy" will be about 4 lbs as an adult. True Biewer to Biewer bred. BBIR registered pedigree. Brophy is smart, loving, cuddly and a very confident boy. Brophy is potty trained and leash trained and neutered. He has a proud prance like his dad. Brophy is available to a pet home only. Brophy has an exceptionally cute face, cobby body structure. If you've lost that loving feeling, Brophy will help you get it back...Brophy loves to love with his loving heart. He is very smart, listens very well and is easy to train. Brophy does NOT lift his leg, he squats to pee..he will NOT mark either.. My dogs roam our home and yard. His Mother and Father are both International Champions. The Yard is set up so dogs stay clean and safe. Our dogs/puppies are fed high nutrient raw diets, loved, bathed/groomed weekly, bile acid tested, vaccinations, vet records/health check, potty trained, leash trained and played with daily to socialize the puppy. A leash, collar, bow, food starter kit, travel crate, and a blanket will be supplied for the puppy.

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