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Braun Rottweilers

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Pinetta, FL


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BRAUN ROTTWEILERS does not release puppies until they are at least 10-12 weeks of age. Things they learn from their mom and dad up to that age are very important. At this age, too, they are most likely entirely housebroken and big enough to learn like a young pup versus a baby, whose confidence early-on you can accidentally and unfortunately wreck. You should want a puppy that already has its confidence well-established and a firm understanding of what's going on in the world. . . . . . . Go straight to my webpage below for a full description of all the important things about Andy. For your convenience you also may email me directly from there. Additionally, all phone calls are welcomed. In other words, you do not have to be a "serious buyer" to drop me a line. You're looking for a Rottweiler? Your heart is in the right place. I'd be happy to help you with information even if a puppy of mine isn't in the running to buy. Truly, My Best Regards, Paul Braun

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