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Celeste Vander Ham

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Lake Elsinore, CA


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e will have a face just like his daddy, Captian. I will call him Captain Jr. He is the biggest puppy in the litter! He will be huge for sure! He will have it all looks and size. He was the first puppy born. He came into this world at 7:00 am on 10-31-14. He is so cool looking. He has a clean white coat no dables or feckles. The spots one side of his body are many beautiful shades of gray/ blue and the spots on his other side are black spots. Her looks like too completly different dogs from each side. He has black around both eyes which reminds me of his dad Captain. He has a clean white chest, full white collar, white muzzle and blaze. He also has SIZE. Will be able to see his eye color soon... Captain and Galaxy first litter arrived on Holloween 2014. We have been blessed with six puppies from above. They came ahead of scheduled due date of Nov. 5th which threw me off a bit. But the good news is that they could go home closer to Christmas Day!

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