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Charles H Jones

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Garfield, AR


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Hi, Here are details on our new litter of Ori-Pei?s. Father is a fawn short coat. Mother is a black short coat. Lots and lots of wrinkles. 2 black males available. See new litter pxs. Ori-Pei's are a wrinkled combination of the Chinese Shar Pei and the Pug. They were developed in the 1970's. They are now a registered breed with many registries including APRI and ACHC. Size: Height: 12-15 inches Weight: 15-30 pounds. Coat: 2 coat types. Brush Coat: 1/4 to 1/2 inch long with undercoat. softer texture. Horse Coat: extremely short, feels harsh and prickly to touch. Colors: black, tan, white, blue/gray. Character: Intelligent. Devoted to family. They get along well with children and are devoted to their family. Easily groomed. Brush/comb, bath when necessary. Easy to train. Easy to housebreak. Activity: Good for apartment life. Moderately active indoors. Can be without a yard. Love to go for walks. Given very finest in vaccines, shots and worming medicine given to each puppy (5-part shot Galaxie DA2PPv, etc). 3-4x wormed. Registration: APRI/ACHC, Americans Pet Registry Inc Costs: Males: $350, females: $400. DOB: 12-18-14 Shipping to most areas is only $200. This fee includes vet exam, health certificate, pet taxi, our airport trip and air shipping via American Airlines "Priority Parcel" or overland with PetEx2. How to order a puppy! If you have any questions or to reserve a puppy feel free to call. To reserve a puppy we will need 1/2 as a deposit. Deposit can be made with your personal check, money order or credit card. There is a 4% surcharge for a credit card or PayPal payment. Local pickup subject to state sales tax. Ready for pickup or pickup at 8 weeks. We love all our critters on our 7-acre hobby farm located in NW Arkansas. We are 1-1/2 hours driving from Branson, MO. Regards, Harry Jones Garfield, AR 72732 Phone: Cell: 479-330-1937 E-mail:

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