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Coshelav Kennels

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Indianola, IL


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We, here at Coshelav Bloodhounds, are breeders of show quality Bloodhounds for over 27 years. Unfortunately we have had some bad luck the past few years after we lost our home to fire. As a result we have not been in the show ring like we were in the past, but we still have a few quality Bloodhounds. We have a show quality big boned, heavy wrinkled boy from our last litter available. You can see from the pictures, Mom and Dad are very nice Bloodhounds. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. I have just looked at some of the other "Bloodhounds" on puppy find. I may be arrogant because of my show background, but some of them don't look like my idea of a Bloodhound. There are some nice Bloodhounds on here but each prospective owner should decide what they believe a Bloodhound looks like and make a decision on their "vision". You will be living with that decision for a long time. Try to find a Bloodhound you want to live with and be proud of.

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