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Countryside Corgi's

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Watson is a fabulous watchdog! He is very alert and athletic. He loves to go on walks with his people. He is very special because he has champion bloodlines and he has the natural bob-tail gene. (he was born with his tail already bobbed) He has completed basic obedience classes and graduated at the top of his class. He is not housebroken, but is crate trained. He comes in the house for short periods with no problem, but I wouldn't trust him to go all day without making a "mistake." He is wonderful with children and other dogs.(including puppies...he loves to play gently with them) Not sure about cats, we don't have any. He is just such a happy go lucky guy! His only short coming is that he has grown larger than what we want for breeding purposes. So we are selling him as a pet only, no exceptions. He must be neutered at buyers expense, your vet or mine, whichever you prefer. Don't let this wonderful dog get away! He would make the perfect Christmas gift for your family.

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