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When purchasing a puppy from Dawn Wass, you can rest assured that your puppy is of the highest quality. Your puppy will also come with a Puppy Packet This packet contains an enormous amount of information to help you and your puppy enjoy a long, healthy life together. In the packet you will find: * AKC Registration papers * Medical Records - a record showing every time your puppy received a vaccination and worming. * How To Clean Your Basset Hound's Ears - an article to help you keep your Basset's ears clean and prevent ear infections * What Is Parvovirus - an article to help you understand Parvo, the symptoms, and treatments. * Adoption Contract* - signed by both the owner and myself. * Health Guarantee** - signed by both the owner and myself. *Adoption Contract* I have an Adoption Contract in place to make sure my puppies are receiving a forever home. I understand the road bumps that come in life, and want every new owner to know that I am here to help, if the situation arises that the dog can no longer be cared for. I DO NOT want to see or hear about ANY of my puppies going to a shelter! If this is a possibility I am requesting that puppies be returned to me. **Health Guarantee** I will not sell a puppy that I know is sick. I do ask that you take your puppy to a licensed vet within 3 business days of purchase. Also, I do offer a ONE YEAR health guarantee on all of my puppies against congenital disorders. The BUYER will make a deposit of half the total price for the puppy of their choice which will hold that puppy until delivery. Deposits are nonrefundable. The cost of the puppy is only refundable if death of the puppy occurs with me.(If something happens to selected puppy, before delivery, buyer can choose to get a different puppy as soon as it is available). The Remaining balance will be due 1 week from delivery date. (in form of cash, bank issued cashiers check, money order, credit or debit card or wire deposit). ***The Adoption Contract and Health Guarantee must be signed and returned before you will be able to pick up your puppy*** All puppies will be picked up in person in Hayden, Idaho. Puppies will not be shipped for any reason.

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