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Deborah Salerno

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Port Richey, FL


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Meet Butler, Butler is a F1 Goldendoodle boy born November 21st. Butler will be ready for adoption Jan16th. Butler has all of his shots and a health certificate from the state of Florida. Goldendoodle Puppies are bred from Golden Retreivers and Poodles. They are very smart and easy to housebreak. They have the warm man's best friend Golden Retriver personality and shed very little because poodles do not shed. Payments Types: Paypal Credit Cards Cash Payment Options: 1. $500.00 Non refundable deposits are accepted and payment in full upon adoption January 16th 2. Customer have the option to pay in full at any time. Puppies cost $1100.00 3. Customers can pay in full and pay for shipping services at any time. We will ship anywhere in the continental US for $300.00 3. Customers have the option to pay a $500.00 Non refundable deposit then make payments in person at 13136 Cabin Court Hudson Fl 34667. All payments must total $1100.00 before the adoption can be completed January 16th Contact: Debbie Salerno (727)326-3704 (727)847-7406

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