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VALENTINE'S DAY IS RIGHT around the corner why don't you bring this precious cuddly little mini princess of a sweetheart home for YOUR Prince or Princess of sweetheart??? Affectionately known as Pvt. Panda since she was born on Veterans Day to this veteran, she is displaying more Maltese then toy poodle characteristics. She answers to her name which can be easily changed, can walk upstairs (not down yet but working on it), is VERY specific about pottying on her mini potty patch or pee pad and has only had a couple accidents in the last week. She's just made it to 2.5#s, has had her first heartworm pill and shots. Her vet says she can leave tomorrow. We are more then willing to drive her to your home or meet you within 3 1/2hrs or reason of Chicago. She is VERY petite and may not even clear 4.5-5.5lbs full grown. Mom and Dad are service dogs and very intelligent Moms 5# Dads 7.5#s. She is the runt of the litter and is Parti colored like a panda bear and smart as a whip. All of her brothers have left but she had to get to two lbs before the vet cleared her for her forever home. She is the sweetest tiny little ball of fire when she wants to be and she can't wait to be a part of your family! She will be microchipped at the beginning of Feb or before you bring her home. She doesn't shed has a hysterical personality and LOVES to play with mommy and daddy so would do great with another dog but doesn't mind being an only dog either. She LOVES to snuggle, curl up on your chest and nap and gives kisses when asked. This week we've started some basic training she's quickly mastered come and sit and we are working hard on learning stay, down/stay, appropriate mouthing and no and as previously mentioned she is doing phenomenally well with potty training. She also ADORES her chew toys, nibble bones, and squishy monkey toy. Please call 630.842.5071 or email me with any questions. We are willing to take payments at your financial availability via popmoney or paypal or in person. FYI the latest pix were taken 21 Jan 15 they show how little she is sitting inside my sons airsoft helmet. She's a total ham for the camera and other pix were taken one to three weeks ago... We try to post at least one he pic every couple days. There's been a lot of interest but she is still waiting on her forever mommy(s) and/or daddy(s) to come home too!!! Thanks for looking at our Precious princess Panda Bear... hope to hear from you soon... I promise she will light up your world and can hold her own with up to 25# dogs as she's been to dog school with momma n daddy... this is a future family member you will not regret. She comes with a health guarantee, copies of moms registration, her pet passport and medical records from the vet, some of her FAVORITE toys, as well as tons of love to give you in a very small package. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. There's no such thing as a stupid question. God bless and happy puppy picking ;-)

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