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Diana Langham

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Augusta, GA


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Our huskies are born and kept inside our home... Why? We believe it is important from the very start that puppies are introduced to the home environment of everyday living and noise. They are handled and socialized everyday, and exposed to sounds of blow dryers, vacuumes, washers etc this help integrate them into a home environment. At 2 1/2 weeks of age house training begins... That's right and by 8 weeks of age we guarantee your pup will be paper trained. We breed for content, happy puppies with laid back personalities, and strong facial features. To date all one of our puppies have been blue eyed with three being bi-eyed, but we can't guarantee eye color, but historically that is what we have had. Puppies are all given a collar early on and by the time they go home are well on their way to being leash trained. We love for those who purchase our pups to come by and see their puppy often. We will often get the whole litter together in our living room and let them play to show you how truly paper trained they are, and besides that they are so much fun to play with. We love our puppies and believe by giving them these advanced skills they will find happy homes that are theirs forever! All puppies are dewormed, given shots and vet check prior to leaving our home. We know if you are looking for a husky you will love what we have to offer.

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