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Donna Kerley

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Los Angeles, CA


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I have a beautiful pitbull by the name of Mac. I took in Mac from a friend a few months ago due to him being in jeopardy of losing his apartment due to new ownership of his bldg. I DON'T want to give this beautiful boy up because he is the sweetest dog I've ever had. My only concern is, he's jealous of my son. My son is at his dad's every other week, so he see's my son more as a visitor and as his equal. He hasn't done anything harmful to my son, but I notice his jealousy when my son is around. I would suggest that he goes to a home with no young children. I own my own company and also a single mother, so the work that has to be done to get acclimated, is something that I have little time to do. He is extremely tender and thinks he's a lap dog. He's a inside dog, crate trained, walked 3 times daily, housebroken, very well behaved. Please feel free to contact me if interested

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