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Elite Blend Labradoodles

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Smokey is a 70 lb, first generation, male, labradoodle. He has an easy going nature and is a true gentle giant. Eager to please and smart, this big guy has been a breeze to train and have around the house. Smokey is completely house trained with good manners. He is a mellow inside dog and loves hanging out on his bed in front of the fire. However, when Smokey goes outside, he loves to run! He gets along well with other dogs - loves to chase and be chased. He also has has two months of agility training. Smokey has basic obedience skills, such as, sit, down, stay, and can walk nicely on a leash. Smokey also knows "go to bed" "go outside" and will wait, until released, to eat his food or leave or enter the house. Smokey is neutered and microchipped.

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