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Englewood Ole Bullies

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Whittier, CA

(562) 395-0522

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This female puppy is one of the biggest dogs in the litter second only to one other male. She has a white stripe on her face with brown/black coloring around both eyes and spots on her back. She will be thick boned and moderately tall with an athletic build. She is a Black Tri-Colored gene carrier from her mother. Both parents are generational IOEBA registered purebreds. Ralph the Sire comes from Rio Bravo OEB, the kennel that created the International Olde English Bulldogge Association. His father, Tatonka, is a world renowned stud. Ralph is the most loving gentle boy that is white with red markings, and has an extreme amount of victorian Bulldogge in his blood, giving the litter a concentrated English Bulldog resemblance. The Dam, Grizzy, comes from One of a Kind OEB from San Marcos, CA. She is a Tri Colored OEB causing the litter to have a variety of colors. This is Grizzy's second litter.

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