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Fair Dinkum Cattle Dogs

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Calhan, CO


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We have 2 litters, one is 9 and other is 10.Takeing deposits, we have 4 left. Ready for new homes Dec 24th and 30th. We live on 40 acres, we show dogs, rabbits, raise goats , horses and chickens.We believe that these dogs need to be with new owners at about 8-10 weeks of age. We do not mass produce puppies, We believe that a litter of puppies takes 8 weeks of your time, and if your doing it right, a limit of over 5 litters of puppies a year is hard to take quality care of. Haveing puppies available all the time is a usual sign of a puppy mill, so be careful. Raiseing quality dogs is not about the $$. The puppy brain is most inclined to accept new experiences between 4 and 12 weeks of age. Missing the window after 14 weeks of age can socially handicap the pup. Of course, the dog can still learn, but it is harder, mostly due to the need for to help the pup unlearn unproductive and inappropriate responses. Prevention is far better than rehabilitation, so if you can work within a puppy's critical learning window, you and the pup have an immense advantage. People believe that these dogs are not very trainable, but that may because in the US they believe that when they have pups you just leave the mother and pups alone, this way they are better protectors. Not so In AFtrica pups are born with the family, when older and start moving around they follow the children and adults. They get lots of human interaction. These dog respond to commands from their owners very nicely. With that information we have made sure these puppies were born in the house and have been held and massaged, feet pads rubbed and a lot of stimulation. We are hopeing to get the breed to be more productive to be in more obedience compititions and excell at them. Our main breed to show is australian cattle dogs and have done so since 1994, then rotties in 1988. We have showed these two sisters and even though we love the breed and love them we have decided not to show them any more. They are AKC registered. These pups are going for pets and protection. This is their first litter and they are 3 1/2. we waited till they were full grown. The sire is out with livestock 24/7. He loves to take the other property next to theirs to protect also. They are great with our grandaughter. My older female is a superb balance service dog, the girls have that same instinct to help with my balance . Must be the breed. If interested let me know.They were born in the house. This will be a great investment in your livestock protection.We believe that we want to help people get a great dog. $100. deposit.

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