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Fide Core

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Chicago, IL

773 807 7038

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Teritia is AKC beautiful female. Her pedigree is 100% from Europe, she was born in our kennel , kept as a "first pick" female. Her weight is 80 pounds, finally she can get no more then 95 pounds. She is young very good working dog, she love to work, sleep on the cough , be close to her family and play. She is very good behavior and detailed raise dog with many experience in that young age. She is prepared for dog show. Her Father is a AKC Champion imported from Europe , her mother is Imported from Europe, very strong "atom bomb" female like Teritia. Teri is very strong physically and mentally. She can be trained for many ways , really good for agility, bite work or obedience. I looking for her home to put her as a pet . She is show and breed quality but she can go only to kennel who showed a dogs not only breed. NOT PUPPY MILLS OR CORSO PUPPY PRODUCERS. If you are interested please call me first at 773-807-7038 , if any questions please send me email at . My website is , more pictures of TERITIA you can see on FACEBOOK/FIDECORE re

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