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Grannies Shelties

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Littleton, CO

303 794-1179

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"Sonnie" is a gorgeous bi-blue, white puppy that could be the perfect pet for you and your family or as your sole companion to go everywhere with you. He is loving and playful and has lots of energy for games and good times. He is very smart, good in the house and learns quickly. His long white fur with few Blue markings is beautiful and unusual. He could be a great "Kid dog", and loves to play ball or romp with children. He even plays tag. Sonnie has been raised in our home ever since he was born and is trained to go outside. He gets along well with the older dogs as well. He is ready to be that ever loving, "great dog" and would be an ideal candidate for agility or Juniors competition. Let this wonderful boy make your pet dreams come true. Call Jan at 303 794-1179 or email

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