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Hiddenhills Border Collie

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Roselle, IL

630 924-7396

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We have been involved with the Border Collie breed for over 21 years now. Our dogs are part of our family. They sleep in our home, watch TV, and are pretty much a part of everything we do!! My dogs are AKC registered, (some are multi-registered with the ABCA). We do not "work" our dogs, as we are not a farm, but a couple of them have come from excellent herding/working lines and their pups from the past exhibit this fine ability, while still being able to settle once in the home/family environment. The majority of my pups go to pet homes, or flyball/agility homes. As long as there is a ball involved or someone willing to cuddle and pay attention to them, they are happy!!! I have no known health issues in my lines and you can see a copy of my policy pertaining to this on my web site at Along with additional information and pictures.

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