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Island Grove Pet Kennels

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We have one male, and one female Golden Retrievers. They are dark dark red and are from our favorite female. She is wonderful dog and is only going to have one more litter before we retire her. Neuter contracts only. They are AKC registered and born November 8th. They have been health checked and microchipped. Both parents are dark and around 75 pounds. Unfortunately these three puppies have a disorder known as Entropion. Their bottom eye lids have too much skin causing them to role back and irritate their eye. A simple surgery will fix this disorder. It can be done at the same time you spay or neuter your puppy, but it is genetic, which is why we are only offering these with a neuter contract. We are basically getting the cost of food, microchip, vet visit, and medication out of these puppies. So we will not negotiate but we are looking for responsible and caring homes. You will have to watch their eyes to ensure they do not start to get over agitated. Puppies are already ~25 pounds! They will be big! The older retriever in the picture is Rummy (mom) she is in this picture imitating her puppy to try and get attention that she feels is wrongly given to her puppies. She is very desperate for any one to pet her!

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