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Jamie Changala

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Porterville, CA

(559) 359-1284

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This little girl is an outstanding blue merel, with gorgeous color and markings. She has four white feet, face blaze, and bright copper. She is the most gentle and calm baby in the litter. She was born and raised in my living room, and handled and loved daily. Her mother is an outstanding black tri female. She stands 15 inches tall at her shoulders and weighs 30lbs. Her dad is a gorgeous blue merle toy, standing at 13.5 inches and weighing 18lbs. I estimate this girl's adult size to be around 25lbs. She is one of the larger in the litter. Her grandmother is a certified diabetic alert dog, and a few of her aunts and uncles are also service dogs. This girl will have an amazing disposition and structure. For more information please visit my website, or call or email. Thank you!

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