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Jenn Houston

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Wheatland, CA


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Snow ball is absolutely gorgeous. We are lucky to have a wonderful litter of intelligent and affection AKC chocolate, yellow, our shades of yellow range from light cream (also referred to as white) to fox red, and black. They will be ready to go home with you on January 15th. We have one chocolate girl, two chocolate boys, one fox red boy, one light cream boy, and two light cream girls. The father is light cream. He comes from beautiful English lines. The mother has a beautiful chocolate coat with an athlete American build. The puppies will be socialized and love people of all ages. The puppies play with our family everyday. We have 4, 11, 13, 30, 40, 50 year olds that they get to interact with so our puppies will love people of all ages. We have had several of our dogs go to families that have trained them as service and therapy dogs. They come with a special puppy package, a year health guarantee, back dew claws removed, wellness check, their first vaccination, 6 and 8 week deworming medicine. I do not give them the deworming medicine before 6 weeks because it is not as effective when the puppies are still nursing. I do not want to give our puppies medicine that is not effective. I also only remove the back declaws, if they have them, because in Labs the front declaws are not a problem and they are useful to Labs. We will hold your puppy for a deposit of $300. These puppies will be great hunting, service dogs or a wonderful addition to your family. We pick only the best dogs to breed. Our goal is to breed our Labs to be mellow, loyal, and affectionate. My mother has bred dogs for over 30 years. Once she retired, I decided to take over the family business so I could share this wonderful journey with my children and help to make this amazing breed better. Helping to create amazing family dogs is my passion. I learned an incredible amount from my mother. However, I still keep up to date on the new information available for Labs. Please feel free to call, text or email me with any questions.

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