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Lanza Del Cazador Kennels

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Atlanta, GA

(678) 437 - 835

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Dogo Argentino puppies delivered three weeks ago. With five (5) world champion bloodlines, directly descended from past World Winner, these pups are from proven hunters! They are a true representation of the original breed standard! Seven males (7) and two (2) females. Please call Andrew (678) 437 - 8357 or Dan (404) 781 - 7194 for more information. Additional pictures and pedigree information are available upon request, including pictures of the father in action tackling wild boar! These pups are going to have it all. Every desirable trait Dogo enthusiasts and hunters alike search for. They are going to be huge and beautiful, with a great temperament, solid prey drive, and a natural protective instinct. __________________________________ PEDIGREE: Gabby is registered with the United Kennel Club under the name "Gabriela La Rosa Bella." The legendary Los Medanos bloodline, which has produced many world champions, is extensively present in her immediate ancestry. As are the champion "Fairtex" and "La Vieja Diana" bloodlines. Gabby is a direct descendant of World Winner, Talisman de la Vieja Diana. Gabby's progeny should be eligible for the U.K.C. "Purple Ribbon" standard. Bolt Fierro has the following heavily sought after bloodlines within his pedigree: Los Medanos, Del Huaico, Ackon Cahuak __________________________________ MISSION STATEMENT: Our desired goal is to produce dogs that are an unwavering representation of the original breed standard as envisioned by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, innovator of the breed. It is our belief that the Dogo Argentino is a breed of dog that can and should be all things to all people. A ferocious protector and defender of the home, and simultaneously a joyful playmate. A gentle family companion that can be trusted with children. An avid and skilled hunter and an amicable couch-potato. We demand such defining characteristics from the dogs in our program. We hunt with our dogs. They sleep beside us on our couches. They play with our children and they protect our homes. Located in Metro-Atlanta. Delivery options are available. __________________________________ CONTACT INFORMATION: Please contact either Andrew (678) 437 -- 8357 or Dan (404) 781 -- 7194 to discuss further. Email me at Become our friends on FB at Lanza Del Cazador Dogos

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