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Larry And Paula Watson

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Adorable, lovable, smart, and sassy, Dancer loves anyone who will let him snuggle by the heater. Dancer is a handsome male brindle. The adoption price is $900 with a $300 deposit required to hold the puppy of your choice. There is a discount if you choose to pay in full instead of placing a deposit. Email me at for more information. Also, check us out on Facebook at! Thanks! This litter was a complete and total accident. Tigger had gone into heat around the same time as Claire. After Claire came in to have puppies, we moved everyone around, because Tigger has a bit of problem realizing she is ...(well, there is no easy way to say this, so here it is)...actually a dog and not a person, I have to be careful with whom she goes into the fence. Since her heat cycle had come and gone, we put her near Hank. We did not realize that her heat cycle had gone it does occasionally in all species with aging females...until she started gaining weight. And we now have 8 cute little Tiglets to show for it. As some of you may know, Hank is also a Tiglet. That means that this was an accidental inbreeding. While it is acceptable, and even has some benefits (it is how our domestic breeds have been cultivated over the years), I have never purposely bred back into my line. With line breeding, you are bringing the traits of the parent Danes back into the line and making those traits more dominant. It is a practice that occurs frequently, but most breeders hide it. I am making the decision to be completely upfront about it. Thankfully, this happened between two that have ZERO aggression issues, no health issues, but who are both way too smart for their own good. The puppies are healthy, intelligent, beautiful....we do not expect any issues. Since we normally require a spay/neuter agreement anyway, and everyone is healthy and have great dispositions, we will be offering our standard contract on these guys. FOUR year guarantee (for this litter only....make sure you check out our contract if you have any questions), CKC registration, lifetime support, etc, etc. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Y'all are always welcome to come visit, meet us, meet the parents, meet the puppies, hang out awhile. Thanks!

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