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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. Q. How big will they get? A. I would expect these puppies to mature to somewhere between the weights of the parents. Q. Where are these puppies being raised? A. These puppies are being raised in my home around cats and a ferret (my children are both college age, so no, they will have not yet been exposed to small children when they come to you. Puppies from past litters have been just wonderful with children though). Both parents are happy healthy farm dogs. Q. Will the puppies have any shots or wormings done before they come to me? A. These puppies will be wormed 7 times with three different kinds of wormers and will have two kennel cough, three parvo, and two puppy shots administered before they go to their new homes. Q. Will these puppies be vet checked? A. They will be vet checked and come to you with a current health certificate. Q. Do these puppies come with a warranty? A. No. I will have taken excellent care of and taken every precaution while these puppies are in my care. I am not in control of circumstances once they leave my care, thus I do not offer a warranty. I do guarantee that they are healthy and physically sound at the time they leave my premises. I also provide the name/number of my veterinarian to prospective buyers so that they are free to call and ask any questions about me and/or my dogs. Q. How do I view the other puppies in this litter? A. Click below where it says "View all listings by L. Brue" Q. How do i reserve a puppy? A. A deposit of $300 will reserve the puppy of your choice. Balance is due before shipment. Q. Is shipping safe? A. We have shipped many puppies in the past and have had NO bad experiences doing so. The airlines have taken very good care of them. Please feel free to call or email with further questions and thank you for looking.

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