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My Young & Old Fur Babies Rescue

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Woodsfield, OH

(740) 472-9828


Top Reviews for My Young & Old Fur Babies Rescue

2 years ago

I love shih tzus or dog's so wha like them or a mix. I live alone and need a dog not what a man there more and harder to deal with but a dog is more love and away's there for you, you can call me at 304893903 or 3049170447

Toni Hall

2 months ago

Stay away from this flipper. They charge sale prices noy adoption fees. They sell sick dogs. They take in abused animals know who the abusers are and do not report the people. They also take other peoples dogs and do not return them. They threaten when confronted and block in public forums. Always have alot of pups which is weird they say thry get them from Amish Mills but most Amish will not give up profit re: pups. Makes you question alot.

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