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Buhl, ID

405 973-6395

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I have owned and raised Dobermans for over 34-years now, and recently purchased a new property & home less than 10-miles from previous one. Since our recent move we are not able to build a state of the art Dog Kennel, right away, therefore we cannot renew our Kennel License. This is a VERY difficult thing for us, but there are too many things that have to be done on this new property and we were only given a short time to build! We have to re-home our BEST Doberman ever.."Raven" who is nothing less than an Amazing dog, who is a fine example of a finished product, completely trained inside the home and out! She is primarily an American bred dog and comes from a long line of Champion dogs with a fantastic pedigree. She has been my daughter's 4-H Dog for several years, competing in Agility, Obedience, and Confirmation. She is a very healthy dog and absolutely Gorgeous! She had always been fed a top Quality dry food along with "real" meat from the grocery store, fresh veggies & farm eggs, along with goat yogurt & flax for Optimum health & care! She has always been an inside dog that loves outside patrolling and guarding too! She loves the water and a good swim on a hot day! For being the sweetest well trained dog, she has a "bark" that would scare the pants off any stranger that didn't know her! She has earned her "Canine Good Citizen's Award" and had several Health Tests performed. She is "clear" for VonWillebrands, had an Echo-Cardiogram showing a healthy developed heart, her eyes have been Certified, and her mother and GRANDMOTHER both lived to be 12 & 13 years old, with no medication other than natural over the counter, oral joint tabs later in life! This dog would be a Fabulous Companion and Pro9ftector for any single woman, even with a daughter like me! She is pure "Class" anyway you look at her! WE WILL ONLY RE-HOME HER IN IDAHO WHERE SHE SHE CAN BE "SEEN" AT LEAST A COUPLE OF TIMES A YEAR BY MY DAUGHTER :-) If you are interested please email for her photo Album or call (405) 973-6395

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