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Nichole Powell

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Donahue, IA


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Guy is a double-dapple wire haired miniature dachshund. His parents are Bridget (soft wire red dapple) and Preston (course wire solid black). We were not expecting or trying to breed double-dapples, but Preston threw in some recessive genes from a few generations back and we got two with this litter. I was raised with miniature dachshunds and the breed is so special to me. In my family we have had smooth, long-haired, and now wires. I have to say I am completely in love with the personality of the wire-haired dachshund. Guy is ACK registerable. Pet price is listed, so please contact me if you want full breeding rights. He is not available until the first week of March at a minimum, so please contact me to put a deposit on him if you are interested. Thank you for looking at my beautiful Guy.

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