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Norris Canyon Cotons

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San Ramon, CA


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Duke is a purebred Coton De Tulear male puppy. He has white hair with light brown markings on his ears. He is very healthy, adorable, social, affectionate and friendly. He has been registered w/APRI and the 1st set of shots, deworming and vet exam have been completed. Duke is ready to be released now. Sire: Prince Chanel: Purebred Coton De Tulear, white. Prince has 4 Champions in his blood lines. He has been registered w/APRI. Dam: Celine Chanel: Purebred Coton De Tulear, White. She has been registered w/APRI. Coton De Tulear is hypoallergenic so this breed is excellent for people who have allergies. Coton De Tulear Breed Profile: Size: Height: 8-12 inches / Weight: 7-15 lbs Coton De Tulear has a black nose, tight black lips and round, dark, wide set eyes. Coat: The Coton De Tulear has a breed-distinctive medium length, cotton-textured coat which is composed of hair rather than fur with a long topcoat. They are pure white, or white with lemon, black, grey or brown markings. The Coton De Tulear sheds little and is a good breed for those with allergies. Character: The Coton De Tulear is gentle, affectionate, loyal and friendly. It is very playful and grows highly attached to its family. Cotons make good watchdogs. Temperament: The Coton De Tulear is very sociable and gets along easily with children, dogs and other animals. We ship our puppies out to major international airports in the United States.

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