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Pampered Poodle Palace

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Alexandria, AL


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Deposits being accepted for this beautiful litter. Duchess Kimber Lillibelle (CKC and APRI registered Black & White Parti Standard Poodle) The sire will be Axl Rose, CKC Registered Black Standard Poodle. The litter will be registered CKC. Colors chould be Blues or Blacks, Creams or Chocolate. There will be abstract markings in this litter as well. THIS COMBINATION PRODUCES STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES!!! Good natured and VERY smart and LOYAL! Our poodles are raised and live in our home and puppies are too! They are not raised in cages or kennels as so many breeders do. Cage breeding gives way to unsociable adults and puppies that lack socialization and appear "wild". We abhor this practice! I have been breeding poodles for about 11 years now. We have 9 standard poodles and they are all well-loved and spoiled rotten! CKC or AKC registration (Limited Only) We previously had dewclaws removed and tails cropped without any preference given to new adoptive parents. NOW, while still doing both procedures by default BUT we offer the option to NOT HAVE IT DONE, but we will have to know by 2-5 days after the puppy is born. These practices are being re-evaluated and outlawed in many countries as well as some states. The Poodle is beautiful without any cosmetic alterations and the alterations were deemed the breed standard by registration companies for show purposes, not for health reasons. We can provide you with YouTube videos showing the reasons behind the tails and dewclaws remaining intact and their importance in your companion. If you choose cosmetic alteration, puppies will have their tails amputated/docked to AKC standards, no short little "stubbies" here! And if you choose to amputate the dewclaws notification must be done by day 2-5 after the puppies are born. *All puppies will have had regular series of worming medication beginning at 2 weeks and then proceeding at 3, 4, 6, 8 weeks old. We use Nemex II and Panacur C. *All puppies will arrive at their forever home vaccinated against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, kennel cough, or other communicable diseases before the time of sale. Our puppies have environments treated with Trifectant, are vaccinated at 3 weeks with a kennel cough vaccine and at 6 weeks of age with a with a 5 way vaccine. *All puppies have been handled since birth! All puppies come with their own individualized growth folder from birth, health record for your veterinarian, sample of food, CKC papers will be send after sterilization as CKC does not offer a limited registration. Puppies have begun crate training and have been dog door trained. We hope to help you find your new fur family member. (We do reserve the right to deny an applicant if we feel the home is unsuitable) Pricing for adoption of puppies are as follows: Blacks/ Blues and Creams 699.00, Apricots are $749.00 and Reds and Chocolate are $799.00. website:, FaceBook use Email:

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