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Paradigm Pups

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Tuscaloosa, AL


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SAVE $100 today!!! Reserve your puppy today for a great discount!!! Paradigm Pups ( is proud to announce the pending arrival of our premier litter!! These puppies will only be the second generation born in the US for both parent's lines (sire & dam were both born to imported parents). The dogs all live in the home and are spoiled just as any pet should be! They are taken to the dog park to play and socialize and romp and play in our fenced wooded yard. They love to swim and routinely have pool parties with their doggy friends (and their owners!). The puppies are due in 2 1/2 weeks and will be ready to head home 8-10 weeks later. We will take conditionally refundable*/non-refundable deposits of $400 to secure your pup in our up-coming litter. Not only will a $400 deposit secure your puppy and placement in the picking order but... I am offering a $100 discount to any individual who places a deposit during January!!! That means that after the deposit and discount you will have a final balance of $1400** at pick-up. This is an amazing price for these phenomenal dogs... PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT TO LOCK IN THE DISCOUNTED PRICE TODAY!!!! The photo attached is of our stud "Oliver" and bitch "Maeby." * The deposit will be refunded in full if we are unable to provide a puppy born in February (this will only be the case if conception fails or if I receive more deposits than puppies born) otherwise the deposit is non-refundable. We can not guarantee the size of the litter or the sexes of the puppies. Deposits can be made sex specific if you will only accept a male or female, a discount of $100 will be offered for the final balance due for deposits placed on a puppy regardless of sex. **This price is for limited registration. An additional fee will be assessed for full-registration. All buyers interested in full registration should state that during our initial correspondence.

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