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Patoka Pugs 'n Kisses

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Loveable, very affectionate and playful black male pug puppy now available. Bradley is litter box trained and now also going outdoors to potty.He is one delightful and happy little guy, with a zest for life, very fond of children and the perfect furkid to join your family! ( Will hold for Christmas delivery. ) THREE YEAR HEALTH WARRANTY. Our puppies are litter box trained and conformationally correct, with short backs, nice bone (substance) flat faces, great nose rolls and eyes. Both parents are from very nice lines with many AKC Champions.We occasionally have pug puppies available for "companion/pet homes" only, not for breeding. We breed for health,temperament and conformation,ever striving to improve in the breeding of our pugs and French Bulldogs and to preserve these wonderful breeds,according to AKC Standards, INCLUDING ONLY STANDARD COLOR PUGS,FAWN AND BLACK.(Fawn,silver fawn,apricot fawn and black are the only acceptable colors for Pugs with AKC and PDCA,The Pug Dog Club Of America.) We also do not breed "Blue" French Bulldogs, a disqualified color. WE ARE NOT STATE OR USDA LICENSED. That simply means that a breeder has so many dogs that they MUST by law be licensed. A breeder advertising that they are licensed and inspected should be a "red flag".We do not have so many dogs that we must be licensed.Another red flag, multiple breeds advertised generally means KENNEL. We breed ONLY Pugs and French Bulldogs, with only three breeding pug females and one breeding French Bulldog female. We do not cross breed, creating so called "Designer Dogs". We usually have a waiting list before we even conduct a breeding. We plan each breeding thoughtfully,studying pedigrees, and breed with care.We also screen thoroughly for the best of homes for our pugs. All of our pugs and French Bulldogs are registered with AKC. We breed responsibly,with integrity, and focus on quality, not quantity. Our pugs and French Bulldog live in our home as family members.Our puppies are whelped in our bedroom and raised amidst our family with lots of love,attention and the best of care.Our puppies do not leave us until they are 10-12 weeks of age.WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES, but will hand deliver if at all possible. If distance is an issue, we can usually provide a Puppy Nanny who will fly your puppy to you,attended to at all times in the passenger cabin of the plane,never in cargo. References,pedigrees and additional photos available upon request. ( Please see our website for additional information: ) Do make sure when shopping for a puppy that you are able to view(visit)the entire facility where the adult dogs and puppies reside.Many puppy millers advertise among loving,responsible and reputable hobby/conformation breeders. Although Missouri is not the only state with an abundance of puppymills, there are MANY in Missouri. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are looking to get a puppy from Missouri, see this link and research even further! pets/puppy_mills/report_on_mos_dirty_dozen.pdf ) There are over THREE THOUSAND PUPPY MILLS IN the state of MISSOURI,12 of which are on "The Dirty Dozen" list. Many are selling puppies online,some even here on Puppyfind! (I have apparently upset some breeders here on Puppyfind with my warning about puppymills. SHOULD YOU LEAVE ANOTHER UGLY COMMENT ON MY REVIEWS SECTION, WE WILL ALL SURMISE WHY YOU DO SO. IF YOU STAND WITH ME AGAINST PUPPYMILLS, YOU WILL SUPPORT MY STAND AND MY WARNINGS!) Please buyers, make sure you are allowed to visit the facilities where your puppy comes from and do not support these,or ANY puppymills!Let's do our part to put these inhumane and deplorable places out of business!!)

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