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Kenai is a male hairy hairless; slate with reddish brown, white and a touch of black markings. He has an awesome gait and has show potential. He is potty trained and uses the doggie door. He is more mellow than his sister and loves to be held and cuddled. He is up to date on his shots and has been vet checked. Mom is 8 pounds and dad is 7 pounds. The mom?s, Naked Wonder?s Khalia?s Love, champion blood lines include her father, Roc N Win Dazzle Me and other champion Roc N Win blood lines. Also included in champion blood lines are Champion Gemstone?s Diamond Jim and Gemstone?s Southern Bell HL. On daddy?s side Champion Babylon Red Winged Mars, Champion Churrasco Fabian, Champion Going for the Gold N?Co, Champion Moonswift Mardi Gras, Champion Roc N Win Shooting Star and Champion Roc N Win I?m the Bees Knees. This is just the last three generations. There are more champion blood lines but these are the most recent. Shipping is available to most areas via personal air delivery. Depending on the airport.

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