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Carr, CO


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Our beautiful puppies were born December 9th. Chloe, is a wonderful mother, and these puppies are well cared for. In fact we opted to have the puppies birthed via C-section because they were so large. We have both mom and dad. And they are our only two dogs, which are also our pets. We highly encourage you to come visit the puppies before it is time for them to go so you can bond with them. These puppies can only go to good homes, and you need to verify that you have the ability to take them to the vet and care for them properly etc. we don't breed all the time, in fact we have some people that have been waiting for a year and a half since she had her last litter to get a puppy. They are not AKC registered, because of their desirable bloodlines, we get way too many breeders that want to buy the puppies, and our desire is for them to go to loving homes. We will update pictures as time goes on. But most importantly we encourage you to come visit us and a puppy. Please call for more information or email.

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