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Rod And Amy Neel

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Bunker Hill, IL


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Howie is a great little guy, he has it all! In the looks department he is as handsome of a Cavalier puppy as you could want. His coat is thick and full with outstanding markings. He is very well proportioned with a solid compact build. He is also an awesome cuddle buddy and gives the sweetest little puppy kisses. He also has a feisty playful side to him and loves to play. There is a whole lot to enjoy about little Howie. Both of his parents are pets of ours and are here for you to meet. They both enjoy meeting new friends, they are very social dogs and love to get attention. They are both happy and healthy King Charles Cavaliers. We have collected a quite a few reviews over the 8 plus years we have been raising Cavaliers, some of them are posted on our website, ( and some of them are posted on our Facebook page, ( NeelsCompleteK9). There are also some reviews posted on the sites that host this add, ( the best reviews we have are from our repeat clients that have come back to us to get another puppy from us to have a playmate for the first puppy they adopted from us. We have been breeding King Charles Cavaliers Spaniels for around 8 years and have educated ourselves about the history and characteristics of the breed. We take great pride in the puppies we produce. Our number 1 goal is to breed healthy and happy puppies with well-balanced temperaments. The puppies we produce are top quality pets and they are sold for that sole purpose. Our puppies do not come with a breeding option. (Unless special arrangements have been agreed upon and put into the contract) There is a spay/neuter condition in the contract. We take great care to socialize our puppies on a daily bases, they are raised around children and we have a couple of cats that really enjoy playing with them. They are always around different breeds and sizes of dogs. The puppies are paper trained and well on their way to being potty trained by the time they are adopted. When you adopt a puppy from us we want you to know that our commitment is for the life of the dog. I am a professional dog trainer/behaviorist and my wife is a master groomer. We have taken a lot of time and effort to become knowledgeable about the correct way to raise a puppy so they will grow into a well-balanced dog. At any time during the dog?s life that you have a question or are having an issue concerning the pup we will always be available to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in adopting this great puppy or just want to ask some questions please give us a call. We work from home so you can reach us at any time during the day 618-585-3529. If you reach the voice mail please call my cell number, 618-530-4938. We are probably just outside. We have a website where you can learn more about us and our kennel, We also post a lot of pictures of our puppies on our Facebook page, so you can see pictures of some of our adults plus pictures of past litters. While you are there please click the ?Like? button for us.

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