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Royal Jewel Min Pins

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Knight was in the show ring for a awhile but did not like the life a of show dog. He doesn't like strangers touching him and ducked every time the judge went to touch him. He is very high energy but people orientated. He will play fetch. I do not recommend him for a novice dog owner or for someone who is not a strong pack leader, he needs to feel your confidence. I would be selective with families who already have a dog because, although he is not mean, his energy can be irritating to other dogs. He is not agressive. His energy is a nervous one. He will come with a comprehensive health guarantee. He will need some house training although he has been recently neutered. He has been raised with both intact males and females. He has a rabies tag and is up to date on shots. Knight is very loving and would make a great pet for someone who loves min pin antics and wants a companion. I do not recommend him for a household with young children as they would not know how to handle him.

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