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Run N Ridge Nancy

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Texarkana, AR


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we are doing a drastic kennel reduction and have for sale some very nice breeding dogs. ... .. 6 Teddy Roosevelt Terrier (*5 females and 1 male) - All are ACR registered. ... .. 6 Miniature Pinschers (*4 females and 2 males) - All are ACR/HPA registered ... ours are used to breed with the Harlequin Pinschers ... .. 6 Harlequin Pinschers (*1 male and 5 females) - Merle and Brindle - some carry for the very rare piebald gene. .... All are HPA registered. ... .. 4 Female Rat Terriers. 22 dogs in all - would separate by breed .... TRT's $750.00, Rat Terriers $450.00, 6 Miniature Pinschers $900.00, 6 Harlequin Pinschers $1500.00 are buy all for a very reasonable $2200.00. If your looking to start or enlarge your kennel then these dogs would be a very promising way to go. Some may be bred and if so we will sign the litter papers for papers on puppies. .... Contract will require ALL dogs and their offspring to remain with their current registry. Pedigree on every registration certificate. Call/Text 430-200-8170 Serious Inquiries Only Please.

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