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AZUMI (???): Japanese name meaning ?safe residence.? All pictures are of AZUMI in different lighting situations and over multiple days. This beautiful girl is from a litter of three puppies. Her beautiful red showy and super loving mother is 17 pounds. Her very stately & well built father is only 19.5 pounds and among the smallest stud dog still able to compete as a standard size Shiba Inu. Her mother can accompany her at no additional fee. We love Sasha as she has been a wonderful mother to multiple litters and is also seeking a family she can spend her many healthy years with. She is the most loving female shiba we've had in all of our 21 years dedicated exclusively to the shiba inu. Super Sweet and tender little pup. She'll weigh only 14.5 - 17 pounds full grown. Due to multiple requests pictures were updated 10-5-14 8:pm less than one day after her listing went live! :) ALL current pictures and video were taken either 10-4 or 10-5.

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