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Snow Pack Mals

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Snow Pack's Alaskan Malamutes of the Rockies. We are a high energy, working pack that plays hard. We have 5 males available. These babies will be ready mid February. We have sables and blacks available with a medium type coat. Not to short, not too long. We are located in Colorado. We prefer not to ship but will travel a days worth to meet people. Please check out our website Before emailing us. It is loaded with information and pictures. About us.. We are dedicated to the breed, not just breeding. We play hard with our malamutes on a regular basis away from borders, leashes and fences. We run our malamutes high in the mountains of Colorado giving our malamute the best life possible. Not only do we play hard but we believe in the breed as a working breed as well. Our dogs have been competing in weight pulling for over 3 years now. Some have earned their working weight pull titles. Some are just beginning their journey. Our dogs are very active in hiking as well as backpacking too. We are worth checking out ! Again please check out our website.

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