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Sonny's Dog Kennel

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I am the proud owner of Sonny?s Dog Kennel. The father of the litter is named Fatty. His bloodline is of a Glasco?s Bear cub. Fatty is a tall Akita with a top weight of 120lbs. He is a big frame, block head, and peppered black and brown coat. The mom of the litter name is CoCo. She is a big boned female, muscular built, with a big block head. Her max weight is 100lbs. She is all one of the best kennels on the east coast. The name of his bloodline is Jumiko Blu (one of the oldest Akita bloodline in the United States.) This bloodline has direct ties to the emperor of Japan. The sire and dame was fed a special diet of Eukanuba bred from natural l-carnitine for large breeds to ensure a good product of offspring puppies. Both parents went through a series of carotene shorts for parvovirus, hypothesis, rabies, and antibiotics even before the cycle of breeding. The sire and dames were also checked for hip displacement and all came back with a clean bill of health. All puppies and dogs go through a series of testing for noise resistance, being around people in general situations including young and old population. All the puppies have been touched by human hands on a daily basis and properly exercised. All of the pets of the kennel have had a family oriented pet/guard relationship. All of our dogs are AKC registered and CKC registered. Sunny Dog Kennel is proud to say that we have dogs as far as Canada, upstate New York, California, and the southeast United States. You are investing in an excellent pet for years to come!

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