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Stephanie Bradley

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Daisy Loo is an amazing Westie. She is very intelligent and curious as well as sweet. She loves people and my 12 year old son is her favorite person. She loves to play with Mom and sister. They play chase, tug of war, tag and keep away. Westies are incredibly smart,, loyal and even tempered. They are obedient and learn very quickly. If you have never had a Westie you are missing out! Daisy is house trained and is crate trained. She has been well loved and will be a lifetime loyal family member. Please don't put her outside and leave her alone! Westies do better in pairs with others. Her sister Princess is available too. Daisy Loo is an amazing, opinionated and courageous not to mention spunky gal. Please don't contact us unless you can provide her with a loving and caring environment. Daisy is from two full blood Westies but dad is not registered due to difficulty with breeder. Mom is CKC and a Georgia peach. I'm ok with that so she doesn't end up in a puppy mill. She has been loved greatly and socialized with other dogs and she is worth every penny.

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