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Temecula, CA

951 691-6345

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contact us for more info on randy he is a sweetheart and doing great. We have over 30 years experience,grooming, raising, breeding, and training quality dogs, that are well balanced physically and mentally. The temperaments on our dogs are amazing, loving, loyal,and kid friendly. Our puppies are very sought after, and many times we do have a waiting list. We will ship our dogs to select homes. We breed all our dogs with high expectations for quality, health, structure and temperament, Our hunters are bred to have the drive that can perform in the field and be a strong stable and good family pet. Our dogs are top quality and members of our families. Our dogs live with us in our homes, vacation and play with us. our puppies come with a puppy package leash collar 40 pound bag of dogfood, toy and treats and training package all to get you and your new pup off to a great start!

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