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Tammy Notias

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I have 3 females and 1 male ACA teacup Yorkies. My male is a 4 yr old 2 1/2 lb stud muffin named Lil Man Tate that is black & tan carries the tri color or parti gene. He is a proven male. My 1st girl is a 1 yr old 3 lb silver & gold girl named Halle. My 2nd girl is a 5 yr old 4 lb silver & gold girl named Annaleah. My 3rd girl is a 2 yr old 3 lb solid gold girl named Lalah. She will be your main money maker bringing in some big bucks. Lil Man throws tri's which sell for $1000 each. And Lalah throws gold which sell for $1500 each. Even the other girls whether they have black & tan or silver & gold sell for $500-$600 all day long. So you would triple your money back from one litter from Lalah alone. She has only had one litter and I made all the money I needed to off that one litter. She had 1 tri and 2 golds. Halle has not been bred as of yet. Annaleah is the only one that was bred prior to me buying them but she can still breed. You may go on Facebook and see pics of Lalah's litter. I have bred English Bulldogs for 12 years but could not pass up buying this group for the money. I'm used to 2 ton bullies and not something so small they fit in your coat pocket at 8 weeks old. I would also be interested in trading for a AKC full breeding rights female English Bulldog under the age of a year. If interested or have questions just let me know.

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