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Tannin Border Collies

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Sprint is a black and white male in our Jan 2 litter with Shantee and Rio. Shantee is a third generation Tannin BC, and has a very strong herding drive, like her mother and grandmother before her. Shantee is a very playful and active dog, very smart, quick to learn, loves toys, retrieves, and is fast and agile. She lives for attention, is eager to please, and loves everyone. Rio belongs to our friends and is a beautiful slate blue merle with just a hint of tri coloring. He is sweet, willing, and athletic. He has a medium play drive and comes from Texas bloodlines. We have his sister and she is a wonderful dog as well, and the reason we chose Rio for this litter! Rio is OFA Fair. Shantee is OFA Good, DNA tested clear for CEA/CH, CL, and TNS. which means she will never produce a puppy affected by these diseases. Their pups should be playful, athletic, good for herding, agility, and just about any sport. Best for active families that are looking for an entertaining companion. I have been raising Border Collies for almost 20 years. All of my dogs are vaccinated, fed a quality food, and I am proud to say we have never had an outbreak of Parvo or Distemper. Our puppies are raised indoors, handled daily, and given a health check and vaccinations by our vet at 6 weeks. Please visit my website where you can read about my dogs, see how I raise our puppies, and get to know me. Please contact me with any questions you have about our puppies or our dogs.

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