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Tatiana Galushko

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Los Angeles, CA

(424) 333-6500

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Selling a pure breed Central Asian Shepherd Alabai puppies coming soon. This breed shows great characters of a protector. Elite puppy for sale. You will fall in love with this breed and not want any other breed after you meet an Alabai. This magnificent, muscular breed is great in size and exceptionally intelligent. Gentle, playful but at the same time aggressive if feels the need to protect. Can be aggressive to protect. Will lot let any strangers on the territory. Not afraid of anything. Father is calm, stable, great attitude, but aggressive if fears danger. Will protect. Mother is gentle and carrying. She is a great protector and companion. This is one of the smartest breeds. Easy to train (from a young age). Will never betray you. Great protectors. Immediately will protect from strangers. Great fighters. Great protectors. Strong guarding instincts. All documents will be provided. Fully registered. Please let me know what questions you have. 310-882-9944 Natasha.

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