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Vormundberg Shepherds

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Persia von Allen comes from top champion German bloodlines with an exceptional pedigree. She has a solid body structure, large head, with breathtaking red and black tones and a high protection drive. In addition to the normal house and manners training, she has also received some bite work and tug work training when younger. We haven't done extensive training with her for a while, so she is rusty, but she should be able to get back into the swing of it pretty easily. This superior quality German Shepherd has been a key female in our breeding program. We are letting her go due to our upcoming relocation to Indiana. Proven females of this quality routinely sell for upward of three thousand dollars, but we are making her available at this incredible reduced price due to some concern about her hips *possibly* having issues later in life based on some OFA certification X-rays. Any possibility of joint issues obviously makes her unsuitable for breeding because we don't want to pass the gene on to her puppies, but she will make a truly excellent-quality family dog. In fact, there is a good chance she will never experience any symptoms in her hips at all since all her parents and grandparents have great hips. To find out how you can take advantage of this rare opportunity, call us at (719) 422-4020. For more information on Persia, you can visit her webpage at a-von-allen/

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