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Medium  |  Female

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

For adoption information, please contact:
Carthage, TX
Posted 7/3/12, and pictures updated 10/21/13. Sadie came to our fence about a month ago from 7/3/12. I told her to go away, but found her in our yard the next day keeping very good company with one of our dogs who dislikes all other dogs. She visited all our dogs, and they all liked her, even one who will not let anyone or any other animal near his food bowl will let Sadie eat with him. We took her to our vet, she was put on heartworm prevention, spayed, vaccinated, treated for fleas, a pill for tapeworms, weighs just under 40 pounds, and is around 8 months old when posted 7/3/12.
Sadie is loving, active, has had a lot of obedience training now, is very smart, learns quickly, knows heel, sit, down, and stay. She loves to eat, spend time on the couch in the house with her person(s), loves to chase birds or any other critter out of her yard, loves to run, and loves when anyone comes to visit her. She is not bad about jumpig up on people, but does need a secure fenced yard at least 5 feet high, and secured at the bottom.
We cannot keep her, and need to find a home for her as soon as possible. Anyone interested in adopting her must be willing to be thoroughly interviewed....and a home visit. There will be a nominal adoption fee - just because anyone interested in Sadie must know and be willing to commit to certain expenses connected with owning a dog.

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Tyler, TX

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