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Medium  |  Female

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

Posted 3/7/12, and pictures taken 3/6/12. Alisha had a litter of four puppies under an elderly man's house, and he didn't know they were there right away. The puppies were finally lured into his fence with the food dish, and we had to use a live trap to get Alisha on 2/16/12. She wouldn't come to anyone, but would not leave her puppies. Once she was trapped, she became a very friendly dog wagging her tail, and wanting to be pet. She will follow me around wherever I walk, and is leash trained. I was putting her in a kennel for the first few days here with no mess in between potty breaks, so she may even be house trained. She does seem somewhat shy of new people, but is fine once she knows that person is ok. She was able to climb over a very low section of fence one time, but has not done it again, and doesn't appear to be a digger either.
D.O.B.: ? 2010
Weight: 37.8 - 2/22/12
$86 Adoption fee is exactly what we spent on her spay and vaccinations.

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Tyler, TX

(903) 533-1282

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