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Medium  |  Female

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

Posted 5/26/15, and pictures taken 4/19/15. Gracie was found in a homeowner's association in Frisco, TX around February 2015, but no owner was found. The person moved to Frankston, TX, and surrendered Gracie to me on 4/14/15. She is extremely affectionate, but will need time to get use to other cats, and does not like dogs.

D.O.B.: ? 2009
Weight: about 8 to 10 pounds

$25 adoption fee. Gracie was adopted on 3/21/16, and returned on 6/21/16 due to giving love bites when pet for awhile. She will need someone who can work with her on that, since she loves to get pet, and is extremely affectionate to the point of even rubbing up against a person's legs.

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Tyler, TX

(903) 533-1282

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