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Medium  |  Female

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

Posted 7/21/11 and pictures updated 8/8/11. This puppy's mother, Paige, was found with the help of her two puppies on 7/20/11. A neighbor called me 7/19/11 to let me know she saw two puppies in the woods on our road. I went down the next morning to leave some food, but this puppy was the only one that came to the road. I pushed through the thicket and greenbriar to make sure the other puppy wasn't injured and found Paige with a 10 foot chain attached to her collar and wrapped around several tree branches, so she couldn't go anywhere. She had not been there long, but could have died a slow death. She and her puppies are extremely sweet, and great around my young son, and other dogs. I have no idea what she would do around cats though. They all went straight for the water pool when I got them to our property. I reported them to the Tyler shelter in case someone was looking for them. The mother appears to be a Pit mix. They are all leash trained, and we were putting them in a kennel at night and when we ran errands to crate train them, which helps in house training, and they were doing great, even running right in when told to kennel up, but we had to separate them from their mother by putting them in a dog pen when she kept finding ways to escape the perimeter and take them with her for a trip in the woods. Molina has an underbite, which is common with Boxers and Bullldogs, and she has Shar Pei ears, so she has several breeds mixed in her.
D.O.B.: ? March 2011
Weight: 24.2 - 7/25/11; 47.4 - 3/3/12
$75 adoption fee will pay for her spay and vaccinations.

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Tyler, TX

(903) 533-1282

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